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So the other day, the need for some tortillas arose.  Ok, I wanted a tortilla.  I’ve made plenty of fajita like dishes that I was more than happy to either toss on top of a salad or wrap up in big lettuce leaves.  Out of no where, I just had to have a tortilla.

I set out to make tortillas.  Browsed through all of my saved up recipes and came across one that I just had to try.  It was made with peanut flour and coconut flour.  A little light bulb popped up over my noggin and for some bizarre reason I thought it would be great.  Luckily I only made half of the recipe because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it to work.  In all fairness, peanut flours and coconut flours can vary widely from brand to brand, and there is no specific type of peanut flour listed (either 12 or 28% fat).  The dough smelled good, nutty and salty, reminiscent of a corn tortilla.  It just didn’t pan out.

I still want a tortilla!  Back through the recipes I go, and came across this one: Maria’s Nutritious and Delicious Journal – Fish Tacos.  They looked great, and surprise!  I had all of the ingredients!  I made mine maybe a touch too thick, but after the first few, I got a nice feel for the dough and was more comfortable stretching it out a bit.  The dough held together beautifully and was just as she said, very forgiving.  I went with the option for the coconut flour, and I think it was a great choice.  Somehow, I think the flavor of the coconut flour made it taste more like a tortilla.  Making them a little smaller yielded a few more tortillas, and made the tacos easier to handle.

These chewy little tortillas are very capable of holding an impressive amount of fillings without falling apart, and the best part is they’re freezable.

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  1. Theresa — these look PERFECT!! Going to give them a try


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