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Yes, toast.  Okay, so I could’ve tempted you even more and put a gorgeous breakfast sandwich on the toast, but boy do I miss having a juicy grilled burger on a crisp toasted english muffin, loaded with toppings.  Still want eggs and bacon on that toast?  Fine, make this recipe and throw some eggs and bacon right on there.  Maybe even some of the turkey sausages I featured in this post right here.  Great.  Now I want my toast with breakfasty stuff on there…  Oh well.

I’ve made this toast a few times already and each time I’ve put burgers on it.  No, I’m not stuck in some creative rut, this awesome bread comes out with some real oomph and can really hold up to piling on some heavy duty major toppings.  This is like no nonsense toast!  The burger pictured above had mayo spread on the bottom, bacon, a very hearty juicy burger, cheese, Heinz Reduced Sugar Tomato Ketchup, lettuce, and sweet pickles and onions (featured in this post here) piled on without even a struggle.

Here is another one I had made that shows the texture of the inside a little better.  Kept the toppings simple, just some bacon, tomatoes, and banana peppers with ranch dressing drizzled all over.  You can see the texture a little better in this picture:

burger cropped
To get the perfect size and shape toast, I use one of these: Nordic Ware Eggs N Muffin Pan I use just the bottom of the pan and microwave the batter uncovered.  I make the whole recipe at one time, then slice it.  When it’s cooled off a bit, I put the slices in my toaster oven and toast them till brown and crisp.  Watch them carefully, they take a while to toast, but then all of a sudden they’re done.

For the full recipe and directions please visit the following web page: Ginny’s Low Carb Kitchen – One Minute Bread.  Enjoy!

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