Ten Induction Friendly Snacks

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So, you’ve found yourself doing a round of induction on Atkins and you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to snacks, right?  We all did!  It gets easier, I promise! In the meanwhile, I put together a small roundup of induction (Phase 1) friendly snacks, and I have a few different little round ups in mind that I want to do for you guys. Keep an eye out for them on our Facebook page, or on my favorite hang out, The Low Carb Zen Facebook Page.

First up on the list is my favorite, BBQ Cheddar Cheese Chips.  These flavorful crispy little chips of cheese have saved me plenty of times from diving head first into a bag of chips.  There’s a bit of a knack to getting them just right, but if I’ve gotten the hang of it, you totally can too.  Double or even triple the seasoning mix so that you always have some ready to stave off cravings.

Chips ~> http://www.lowcarbreviews.com/bbq-flavored-cheese-crisps/

Next up, is Marinated Mozzarella.  These tasty little bits of cheesy deliciousness are perfect as a snack!  I like to pair mine with some fresh cold cucumber slices, and a couple of cherry tomatoes for an easy snack.  It’s also great packed into a lunch, or atop a nice colorful salad.  If you can find it, Whole Milk Mozzarella works really well in this recipe!

Marinated Mozzarella ~> http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/marinated-mozzarella

chicken salad cucumber bitesAlso on the list, Chicken Salad Cucumber Bites! This is one of those snacks that you can take a million different ways!  I like to always have a container of chicken salad, or tuna salad already prepared in the fridge.  Slice a cucumber, make cute little snacks like these, and enjoy!  If you wanted to, you could easily pack up a container of salad, and a container of sliced cucumbers and bring this for a light lunch for an outing or to work.

Chicken Salad Cucumber Bites ~> http://www.sugarfreemom.com/recipes/chicken-salad-cucumber-bites/

Looking for something a little sweeter?  Maybe a bit of dessert?  Check out this Vanilla Pud’elicious, or Vanilla Pudding, Sorta, from DJ Foodie! DJ’s creation is more of a custardy Panna Cotta, but it definitely fits the bill for when you want something a bit more decadent.  He might not have been sure of what to call it, but I’ll happily call it delicious!

Vanilla Pudding ~> http://www.djfoodie.com/Vanilla-Pudding

chickaroni skewersChick-a-roni skewers!  I love these!  Every time these tasty little beauties come up on the Zen page, there is always concern about using raw chicken, and a short cooking time.  These are small pieces of chicken breast that cook super quick in a hot oven.  Always, however, be on the safe side as oven temps may vary.  These are such a perfect snack, full of pizza flavor, and filling protein!  Definitely worth the effort of doing the rolling and skewering.

Chick-a-roni Skewers ~> http://blommi.com/chick-a-roni-skewers/

cheeseburger stuffed mushroomsThese super duper cute Cheeseburger Stuffed Mushrooms will have you breezing right through Induction, and loving it!  A couple of these cute little mushrooms will have you totally sold on leading a low carb lifestyle.  Full of flavor with a hint of that “this is so good it must be bad for me even though I know it isn’t” feeling.  Also perfect for an appetizer or even a tray at a small get together, that is, if you’re willing to share!

Cheeseburger Stuffed Mushrooms ~> http://foodimakemysoldier.com/cheeseburger-stuffed-mushrooms/

Big fan of stuffed mushrooms?  There’s also these delicious and adorable Spinach Mushroom Pizza Bites!

Spinach Mushroom Pizza Bites ~> http://www.dinner-mom.com/spinach-mushroom-pizza-bites/

Jalapeño fudge

Like a little bit of the spicy?  I certainly do! This unique snack is called fudge, which, is a little odd to me as I usually picture fudge as chocolate, but the name doesn’t bother me as soon as I have a plate of these in front of me! I usually do remove most of the seeds and veins from the jalapeños, just to take a bit of the bite away.  Make sure you wear gloves when handling spicy peppers!  The oils can linger on your hands for quite a while.

Jalapeño Fudge ~> http://www.deliciously-thin.com/jalapeno-fudge.html

Looking for a bit of biscuit action?  I love having a mid-morning biscuit or muffin slathered with butter and a cup of coffee.  Most low carb biscuit recipes are not Induction Friendly, but Sooze from FluffyChixCook has you covered with these fluffy biscuits!

Fluffy Biscuits ~> http://fluffychixcook.com/fluffy-biscuits-low-carb-induction-friendly-sorta-page-4-friendly/

  mozzarella sticks

Last but certainly not least, are these fantastic Mozzarella Sticks! I’ve made these numerous times, and have to make a whole bunch since my kids usually want a plate full of their own!  Super important is the freezing part, and not letting them warm up at all before putting them into the hot oil.  They cook crazy fast, and even the few that may misbehave and get a little sloppy, are still delicious anyway!

Mozzarella Sticks ~> http://www.thebusybroad.blogspot.com/2012/09/easy-low-carb-mozzarella-sticks.html

Whether you’re doing induction for the first time, or finding yourself jumping back on the bandwagon, being prepared ahead of time is certainly key to your success.  Good luck on your journey, and enjoy some delicious food!

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  1. Sliced mushrooms (raw) & cheese; add slices of summer sausage to upgrade from snack to quick but filling lunch.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. We do little skewers with turkey pepperoni, mozzarella and a cherry tomatoe.

  4. I love this list! I was so pleasantly surprised it wasn’t everything almostd flour as I am I tolerant to it. I am going to make everything on this list!

  5. The vanilla pudding – how is 19g carbs induction friendly?

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