Swedish Breakfast Buns

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breakfast buns

Bread.  I’m starting to think it’s one of those eye of the beholder things.  Tons of low-carb recipes are out there for “bread-like” objects, but a lot of them are not really bready.  There are only a few recipes I have made that impressed me enough to make more than once or twice, or that I’m willing to pass on to others.  I don’t know, call me a bread-snob, but when it comes to bread, I’m really picky.

This recipe, I’ve made a bunch of times, and I really truly enjoy it.  It doesn’t have that much room for error since it doesn’t need any fancy equipment or techniques, and the only substitution I made was for the creme fraiche.  Sour cream works in here just fine.  One small adjustment I made was to the temperature and the timing.  I increased the temp to 400 since 390 didn’t seem to do the trick, and I leave them in for 20-25 minutes, until the outside is well done and the inside is set.

So, what does it taste like?  Well, it’s not a sweet bread, but the flavor reminds me somewhat of a sourdough, and the seeds make this feel like a really great multi-grain bread, without all that added sugar and coloring.   It has a great crust that is chewy, but the inside is fluffy and lovely.  Excellent with a little no sugar added jam, cream cheese, butter, or sliced cheese, these rustic little buns are very hearty and super filling.  This is definitely one of my favorites.  Oh, and as an extra bonus, they freeze well too!  I wrap them in a little plastic wrap, then store them in a freezer bag.

   **8/25/13 UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that, sadly, The Swedish Diet blog has been removed.  I originally posted this with the following link to the recipe and directions- Swedish-Diet Breakfast Buns, but as you can see it is no longer there.  Fortunately I have the recipe printed out, and will share the entire recipe here, with my above noted changes worked in.  It’s unfortunate her blog is no longer there, she had great recipes!**

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Swedish Breakfast Buns
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Just like that multigrain bread with the seeds in it! Feel free to adjust the seeds to your preference.
Serves: 4
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Mix almond flour, seeds, psyllium, salt, and baking powder in a bowl.
  3. Add eggs, olive oil, and sour cream and mix it carefully.
  4. Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  5. Cut the dough into 4 pieces. Shape into balls and put in a cake pan (I use a 9 inch circular pan, but anything really will work here so long as it has sides). Use parchment paper to prevent sticking.
  6. Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes until browned.
** 6/7/14 UPDATE ** While I haven't had any problems with the dough, if your dough is sticky and difficult to shape, make sure it has sat for at least 5 minutes before trying to work with it. Also, while it is sticky, it should be fairly easy to shape.

After allowing it to sit for 5 minutes after mixing, divide the dough into 4 parts. Pick up a part and lightly shape it into a circle, and place it into your pan. You could also use a drop or two of oil on your hands, if you feel it's still just a bit too sticky for you. I would also recommend using parchment paper underneath these versus spray or grease on the pan to prevent sticking, just for good measure. Thanks!



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  1. Looks YUM Theresa — great photo


    • Did not work out for me! Way too egg tasting. I may try again with only one egg.

      • Sorry to hear that! I haven’t had an eggy problem with these and I’m really sensitive to an eggy taste. Maybe try letting the batter sit for a little while longer before shaping and baking to absorb more?

      • Yeah… I used to have that problem too. Plus my digestive system doesn’t do well with eggs so I switched to aquafaba instead and everything works out great. You should try it. No eggy taste or ANY test of its own. It’s becoming a very popular egg substitute because it can be whipped up as a meringue even better than egg. Plus, it doesn’t deflate like whipped eggs do. Not that you always need to whip eggs, but when you do, aquafaba works WAY better! Give it a try.

      • Mine were quite eggy at first. However, the day after they weren’t and they actually kept quite well in the fridge. I’m on Dukan and they are a great substitute for bread and I’ve tried a few recipes. I increased the flour a little on my second batch to try to make them less eggy

    • Corrijanna Vreugdenhil

      The dough is too wet – waited 1/2 hr and still can’t make balls. ?? HELP Pls.

    • These were simply outstanding! I too used ground golden flax, used hemp hearts instead of sesame seeds, and full fat yogurt in place of the sour cream.

      They rose beautifully with a lovely bready texture. I made 4 which made smallist hamburger buns. Next time may on make 3.

      I think the ground flax seed (2 Tbs of pre-ground) solves any eggy issue. To me all I tasted was glorious bread.

      Also: this would make a fabulous focaccia with some herbs (fresh rosemary for example) in it.

      Thanks so much for posting this. Have tried LOTS of low carb breads and so far this is my favorite HANDS DOWN.

  2. I would like one of these too….

  3. Do u have the numbers for these like calories carbs etc? Thanks!

  4. I use the recipe book function on http://www.fatsecret.com in order to calculate nutritional information. I don’t typically post that information here, mostly since not only is it time consuming, but ingredients can vary wildly from different brands. I had these calculated already, so… approximately, per bun – 309 calories, 26g fat, 126mg cholesterol, 58mg sodium, 68mg potassium, 8.66 carbs (4.6 are fiber, so NET CARBS are actually 4), 9.4g protein.

  5. Can I use Greek yogurt or yogurt instead of sour cream?

  6. I just baked these. How do you get them into balls? Dough is too soft and sticky to form any type of ball. Also, because there was no mention of oiling the pan, they are now stuck in the pan.

    • I’m sorry you had a difficult time with these buns! I haven’t had a problem forming them into balls, or with sticking. The dough is a bit sticky, but not unworkable. Did you let it sit for a few minutes before trying to form them? I usually let the dough rest for 5 minutes or so for everything to be soaked up and “gelled” together, then I divide the dough into four parts, and shape them into a circle.

      As for the sticking, I’ve never had to oil my pan, so I’m sorry they stuck for you! I usually use a 9 inch cake pan, but when I do a big batch on my jelly roll pan, I use parchment paper just for good measure. I don’t use a lot of spray

    • I made mine in muffin tins lined with baking paper. Makes it alot easier!

  7. I made these last night. I didn’t have sunflower seeds, so I improvised with Hemp Hearts. I also used golden flaxseed meal as opposed to whole flax seeds.The dough was very sticky and I used a spatula to lump it into ball like formations. Lol. I thought the recipe said to grease the pan, so I used cooking spray. Without it they would have stuck to the pan. I used a clear glass pie pan. Came out great, though, and I ended up having a ham sandwich for dinner and it was delicious! Thanks for this awesome and easy recipe. I think I will try making this in a square pan next time and see if I can cut it into even slices for sandwiches. I assume you could probably drop these into those muffin top tins instead of trying to form balls, but I don’t own one of those yet. Thanks for this post!

    • The meal will cause your dough to be a lot stickier, since it will start to act as a binder, and absorb the liquids. The whole flax seeds in the recipe is more for texture, like a nutty whole wheat bread. I love hemp hearts, and never thought to put them in there! Nice!

      A muffin top tin is fairly shallow, but you could definitely make nice sandwich rounds with it! It would be a lot easier than trying to slice the bread

  8. I’m a bit excited by these “buns” 4 net carbs is so low…. Would be lovely to have with bacon and eggs on the weekend!!! Do they freeze at all?

    • Yes! These freeze really well! I split them before freezing and usually leave one on the counter to thaw out a bit before warming gently in a toaster oven. I’ve microwaved them too, but I like the toaster oven much better! Sorry for the delay in responding, I had responded before using the reply on my email, and it looks as though it didn’t post!

  9. These buns are lovely, made them yesterday, delish with a little sugar free jam n whipped cream. Yes the mix is sticky, however, I handled the batter with wet hands, shaped in to rounds, placed onto a silicon baking sheet, and flattened slightly, they came out perfect – even better than a good scone!

  10. Hi. I don’t have the fiber. It is necesary?

  11. I just made thus recipe. I used golden ground flaxseed and also substituted the husk with the golden ground flaxseed. I used Greek yogurt (because I like it and didn’t have sour cream or cream fraiche)
    I also added an extra teaspoon of pumpkin and sesame seeds and 2 tablespoons of coconut flour.
    I added 3/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum.
    I didn’t have problems forming the buns and I baked them for 26 min at 400C, they turned out perfect, and my whole house smells so good!!

    I can’t wait for breakfast to eat them with cheese. THANK YOU for this great very low carb and high fiber bread recipe!

  12. Much like the author of this post, my partner and I (we are both chefs) are HUGE bread snobs. Beautiful baguettes and ciabatta, whole grains and seeds, etc. Low carb is going to be tough for us, but gluten and starch just isn’t doing well in our digestive systems.
    We found this blog, and made these buns this morning. They are dense for sure, but have a light bite to them, unlike what a dense wheat bread would be like. The dough was a little too runny and sticky to form, as others have mentioned, so we added an extra tablespoon of psyllium powder. They turned out beautifully. We are thoroughly impressed. Nothing like the low carb Atkins garbage I made years ago when it was all the rage.
    Our next plan is to make a loaf, and also to pat these little guys down in the middle to make them more English muffin shaped, so we can make bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches. Also, I read somewhere about someone adding a little yeast to their low carb doughs to give it that yeasty flavour all of us bread addicts love. It won’t make it rise at all, but may give us that phycological bread boost we crave.

    We also made these delicious little breakfast muffins from another site. They really are amazingly satisfying:


  13. Hey Theresa, you said above that you have (and I may have misunderstood) a “diet” version of these buns? Did I read that right? In other words, a lower cal version? If I am wrong, sorry, but did want to ask. Thanks, this recipe is great, and after reading the above comment, I’m going to try an extra tsp-Tbs of psyllium as I get more dough on my fingers/palms than into the balls

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Mike! This version is the “diet” version! On a low carbohydrate diet, you are not encouraged to restrict calories to create a caloric deficit, in the way that low fat diets do. Not to say calories don’t matter at all, but the stress is on the sharp reduction of carbs. There are a couple of books that go further into the how and why on this very topic! I have them in a handy dandy list, here ~> http://astore.amazon.com/lcrastore-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=5

      As for the stickiness… it’s super important to let the dough rest for a few minutes before trying to shape it with your hands. A smidge more fiber does definitely help if it is still rather wet, and a teeny touch of oil on your hands also helps as well.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the recipe! Happy eating!

  14. I found i use 2 x egg whites in place of each whole egg (4 egg whites for above recipe) and gave the wet ingredients a good whisk before adding the dry ones. made for nice fluffy bread rolls. great recipe!

  15. I love this recipe, delicious and easy to make. Also versatile as you can add other flavours as well (e.g. herbs or cheese!)

  16. Thank you so much for this. I’ve tried many recipes for low carb bread, I have bought the sawdust store made ones – this is by far the easiest, tastiest and best texture. It’s a good base to experiment with as well – maybe some sharp cheddar, rosemary.. I’m very happy to find this! thank you!!

  17. Wow! Amazing! Just fell in love and will make these for eternity, so easy too! And the dough was not to watery at all, just a tad sticky, but with wet hands, it is easy to make into balls! luv it!!

  18. Hi
    I’m allergic to nuts and wondering what I could use instead of the almond flour. I have sunflower seed meal ( I think that’s what it’s called) I
    know coconut flour isn’t one you can substitute the same amount so do you know if there’s anything I can use. I really want to make these!!

  19. This bread looks great! Do you think it would be possible te make a vegan version with more flax and/or psyllium instead of the eggs? I love bread, and making a good low carb bread can really be a challenge. I often use a combination of vital wheat gluten and soy flour for mine, but a gluten and soy free version would also be nice for a change.

    • Sorry Martine, I really wouldn’t know. I’m guessing you could use a flax or chia egg to replace the egg, but there is also the sour cream, and to me that is an important part of the taste/texture of the bread.

      • I can replace the sour creme with fermented nut cream or maybe coconut yoghurt, that’s not an issue. I’ll try to replace the eggs with flax. Thanks!

  20. Did anybody else’s go a purple colour? I can only think it is the psyllium husk powder haha. I haven’t tried them yet because they have just come out. I thought they were burned at first, but they are not black and it is all the way through, not just the outside. What on Earth have I done?

    • Oh my goodness! I haven’t had that problem luckily! I’ve used a couple of different brands of psyllium husk powder, but I would probably say that may have been the culprit! If it was something with the sunflower seeds, the buns would have been an appetizing shade of green LOL!! I’m really sorry that happened to you. I’m curious if you’ve used that powder in other recipes and if everything came out fine?

      • Mine turned out the same…. Purple. I’d made a hot spicy version and assumed it was the spices the first time, but obviously not. Glad it’s not just me though. I’m using Holland Barrett colon care plus purified/powdered psyllium husk. Used all the other ingredients before, except for my baking powder. Used the old baking powder this time and they’re still purple so it has to be the psyllium husks!

        • Are you using an aluminum free baking powder? I’m really curious about this now, and secretly wishing to make purple buns, LOL!

          • purple color is from psyllium husk. certain brands will turn your products purple

      • Where can I find the psyllium husk powder?

    • Are you using an aluminum-based baking powder? The aluminum can react with acidic ingredients like the sour cream and turn your baked goods blue/purple http://smittenkitchen.com/tips/2009/08/21/why-are-my-baked-goods-turning-blue/

      • That makes sense! I use Rumford’s Aluminum Free Baking Powder, and have for years. Didn’t think to mention it, but if that’s the case, then I will put a note about it!

    • So did mine and I used an organic psyllium husk powder (brand is called now). 7 yr. old diabetic grandson will actually eat these! Since the buns turned purple I told him they were called “crazy buns” and he decided to try them. He asked for a second one, good sign from a EXTREMELY picky eater! Will need to get aluminum free baking powder.

    • Mine turned purple, too, even with using aluminum free baking powder. It’s​ not a big deal, they taste great! Purple color and all. So easy to make. Thanks for the great reciepie.

  21. I recently made the Multi-Purpose Low Carb Bread by All Day I Dream About Food. In her blog she compared two brands of Psyllium Husk Powder. She said she preferred the Now brand as it didn’t make purple bread. Being in a small town all I could find was the Yerba Prima – it makes a lovely purplish pink loaf. My family thought it would be perfect for Valentine’s day. We’ll happily eat our purple bread until I use the Yerba up and find some Now. Thanks for your recipe! I look forward to making it soon!

    • Hmmm… I’ve used a few different brands, one of which I have no idea what brand it was because it came from a bulk bin at a natural foods store, and I haven’t had the purple issue. Another comment mentioned the aluminum in the baking powder interacting with the sour cream in the recipe, and I think she might be on to something because I only use aluminum free baking powder. I’m so intrigued by this now! I actually WANT to turn a loaf purple! LOL!

      • Mine came out purple too, but very tasty. I checked my baking soda but it doesn’t mention aluminium in the ingredients. I will certainly make them again especially as I paid £10 for a bag of almond flour!

  22. Delicious. These rolls came out perfect. My family loved them. Thank you!

  23. Hi, I made these and I was not able to form buns with it,too sticky. I used circular metal rings lined with parchment,and first placed the rings on a parchment covered cookie sheet. They are perfectly circular and all the same size. The taste is fantastic!! Thank you. Can you double the recipe?

    • Usually if I let it sit a little longer, the batter firms up a bit, but I like the idea of putting them in the rings! I have doubled the recipe with no issues, and the buns freeze well if you’re going to bake in bulk ~Theresa

  24. I love these buns! I’m getting ready to do a sugar/ gluton detox and once that is do these will be great. Oh couse I’m also eating them now. I haven’t had any problems with stickyness or purple color. Don’t know what type of baking powder I use, but I usually end up letting them sit longer then 5min and I can work with the dough just fine.

  25. Hello! I have been gluten free and low carbing for almost 2 months now. I ordered a loaf of bread to try from a bakery in California…it was horrible! Ugh! But this morning I made these 4 low carb buns from your recipe…they taste so good! I will be making them often I am sure! I had a SANDWICH for lunch with one! A REAL Sandwich! split the bun, buttered it and put on swiss cheese and ham…will definately try for breakfast as well! Thanks for this amazing Swedish Breakfast Bun Recipe! So satisfying too!

  26. Can you sub. the Psyllium Husk Powder, if so …. what can be sub too.


  27. hi theresa
    thanks for sharing this great recipe! do you know who the original creator was? i noticed you mentioned the ‘original recipe has creme fraiche’ so just chasing down the origin.
    also with all wet doughs, wet hands work best!

  28. So happy with these. I am in England and have not found it easy to get psyllium husk powder. I have a green packet by Holland and Barrett called Colon Care plus. I have tried lots of different low carb breads in the last 8 months and had sort of given up on psyllium husk ones because my version makes the bread black on outside and purple inside ( a bit off putting!). Made these this afternoon – and whilst there is a lilac tinge – the breadiness and fab flavour totally made up for it. I have splashed out and ordered the ‘now’ brand which apparently doesn’t make bread purple. i also added a table spoon of ground flax meal and slightly less almond flour. This is absolutely the best bread recipe out there in my opinion. It is brilliant and i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  29. Forgot to say , I used natural yogurt instead of soured cream as that was what I had in – worked a treat.

  30. My first batch came out too eggy which has been a problem for me with every low carb bread I’ve made. So I have another bath in the oven with just an egg white in and then I will try again with one whole egg to see what happens. The eggy ones didn’t taste bad, it was more of a texture issue for me. I’m hoping I get the right amount of eggs eventually

    • Okay so the egg whites batch did not work at all. I guess I will just need to maybe cook the original batch longer??? Or at a lower temp and longer???

    • I have never had them come out eggy and I’m super picky about things that shouldn’t taste eggy and are… Are you using large eggs? Did you let the batter sit for a little bit to absorb the moisture? Definitely a no for using just egg whites. Sorry these didn’t pan out for you!

  31. Finally! This is the one. Easy AND tastes great!!! Thank you so very much for this recipe.

  32. I’m a bread snob too then because, while I like some of the low carb breads, I haven’t found any that really taste like bread. I will try this.

  33. This is THE one and only low carb bread recipe that I haven’t had to throw away, and I’ve tried my fair share of them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  34. Fishcakesfisher

    Just made these…..they are the best. Very bread like.

    Will be making more tomorrow and if I had space in my tiny freezer I would freeze some. But seriously, they are so easy to make. Had a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch.

    I did blitze my psyllium husks to make a powder but I wonder if that is necessary. Also blitzed the pipitas which meant that there were nice crunchy bits in the bun.

  35. Made these today. I love how easy to make …and very tasty. I used a 1/3 cup measuring cup and just plopped them on a silpat lined cake pan. This made 5 and prefer the slightly smaller size. Used 2 caked pans for 5. I now am filled with ideas for variations. Rosemary and black olive. cheese and bacon or ham. spinach and swiss. Liked the above idea to add yeast for flavor. The key for me is how easy and quick to make. I let these sit for 1/2 hour and they did not taste eggy to me.

  36. so happy to discover this recipe….reminds me of whole wheat bread

  37. so happy to discover this recipe….reminds me of whole wheat bread..really enjoyable

  38. I’ve tried several low-carb or paleo bread recipes, but haven’t found one that hubby will happy eat. Until I found THIS one!! Thank you ☺

  39. I must have done something wrong. I mixed all the ingredients and after 5 minutes I still have slop. About the consistency of pancake batter. I don’t have any psyllium husk powder so I used a Tbsp of ground flax and a Tbsp of oat fiber. Maybe that’s what made it fail?

  40. I have made these several times and they have come out perfect each time. They freeze well (if they even make it to the freezer) and they are probably the best tasting low carb buns I have ever made. They are fantastic for sliders, a mini deli sandwich or just as a breakfast meal. They come out like a sourdough type texture/taste. I love them!

  41. I made these and they are really good! Because the carb count is a bit high for me and the calorie count is too, I sliced the buns very thin and got a top and bottom and two inner slices out of each bun. One of the slices buttered and toasted makes a lovely piece of crisp toast for breakfast. Two inner slices work beautifully for a sandwich and the top and bottom are great for burger buns.

  42. I made these yesterday and they were delicious .I used sesame seeds for the flax seed and hemp seed for the sunflower seed . I also used coconut oil instead of olive .I think i will try some yeast the next time to get a yeasty flavor and maybe some onion flakes for onion rolls. Thank you so much for the recipe,it is delicious.

  43. What I can use in place of the flax seeds? I have flax seed flour/meal. Can you use other types of seeds or nuts than the flax seed? I have everything else I need to make them. Thanks!

    • I used roasted unsalted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, because I had them to make trail mix. Turned out just fine. I’m planning to try caraway seeds next to make a sandwich bun.

  44. I just made them and they came out perfect! I have never thought of using psyllium hask in baking, but now it sounds like a great idea! Thank you for the recipe, I will be making those often.

  45. WoW! Absolutely Fantastic! These definitely revolutionize LCHF eating. They beat Oopsie Rolls, etc. right out of the park! The texture and flavor is outstanding. I used a Muffin top Pan that I’ve been using to bake Oopsie Rolls and didn’t bother trying to shape the batter I just spooned equal amounts of batter onto four sections and baked for 23 minutes. They really are Amazing ….. I Really Can’t Thank You Enough!

  46. I used an ICE CREAM SCOOP with the lever, that easily releases the dough. No issues with sticky dough if you do this. All the buns uniform, and perfect shape. I enjoyed theses buns, a great bread replacement.

  47. A girlfriend and just made these. We are hopeless with recipes and had to substitute quite a few things!! Little measurement involved- but they are the bomb!!!! Just smashed one with butter and cheese- OMG!!!! Love, love, LOVE!! Nice work!!!

  48. I LOVE these buns! For the interest of your readers, the first time I made them I found that is used a bit coarser of an almond flour and couldn’t really touch the dough, so I mounded them up on my parchment paper in circular like shapes and while they came out flatter they were still absolutely delicious and worked like an absolute charm for hamburger buns. The second time, I played with the recipe and put two tablespoons of vital wheat gluten in – worked like a charm. Third time was for hamburger buns again and now I’m trying a loaf so that I can have a grilled cheese. This is awesome, I’m deeply impressed with these

  49. This is my go to bread recipe…I have not once had any problems… I use this exact recipe and it works every time. I oil my hands when working with the dough and sometimes change the seeds to no seeds… i usually flatten the balls down a bit and may 6 out of the recipe for sandwich bread…. Love this recipe. If you are not having luck it is probably your ingredience… I use blanched fine almond flour and NOW brand psyllium husk powder…. I can’t cook to save my life but found this recipe increadibly easy and predictable…. I thank you for a great recipe!

  50. These are the best low carb buns in the world. Thank you thank you thank you. So versatile…can shape into whatever…we use them every day…breakfast muffins…sammies….hot dog buns….toasted……they are amazing and adding bits still keeps them coming out amazing! Thank you from Angela in New Zealand

  51. Did anyone try tjis revipe without eggs? We are avoiding eggs….but if it us sticky already maybe eggs are not necessary?

  52. I made these for supper to have with soup and a salad. I too have thrown out a few “bread” attempts. Not these though. Followed the recipe pretty closely. Dough was a little loose and sticky but I managed to get into nice rounds. Pie plate, parchment round on the bottom. They browned beautifully and I was happy that I had one left over to have for breakfast tomorrow. My husband had two. We loved them. Thank you so much. I will make these lots and am thinking of making a double batch so I have some in the freezer.

  53. I’m crazy about these lchf rolls, so nice toasted with cheese for breakfast or use as burger bun, so many possibilities. I tend to make a double batch and make it into a loaf instead. I use baking paper in my tin.

  54. I have never commented on a recipe, but this is pure genius! When my doc told me I was pre-diabetic I decided to cut out wheat and sugar. Next thought was that I needed a wheat free hamburger bun. Followed recipe except used flaxseed meal. Perfect! Bless your heart!

  55. This is so easy to make and bakes up quick.This is a win in our house .

  56. Again for interest sake; I have made some variants that have worked out beautifully.

    Pumpkin spice: sub pumpkin purée for sour cream, canola oil for olive oil, 1/4c sweetener of choice and pumpkin pie spices as desired. -also would be good with some pecans added.

    Berry blast: add 1/2c frozen berries and sub coconut oil for olive oil. Sweetener if desired.

    Coconut Dream:
    Add 1/4 c unsweetened shredded coconut, sub coconut oil for olive oil, add 3tbsp dark chic chips. Sweetener if desired but I find them plenty sweet.

    Happy cooking!!

    • Wow, just made these buns just now – very nice!!

      Much better tasting than the Ketogenic diet website recipe for Amazing bread – which strangely uses about the same ingredients except this one uses yolks and sour cream and the other whites and apple cider vinegar.

      RE: Eggy taste – I know what some people meant about an “eggy” taste, but I’d rather taste eggs than the psyllium husk powder. Is it just me or do others find the taste and smell of psyllium husk powder unappetizing?

      I use Yerba Prima brand and am wondering if another brand would be better tasting?

      Was also wondering why – when I made the Amazing Bread from the other website – my bread turned a black/purplish color and these buns came out a beautiful golden brown color………….Even though I used the same psyllium husk powder for both.

      Could it be the sour cream and yolks?

      Which makes me wonder…………… would it taste even better with just a touch more sour cream? Has anyone tried this?

      I may give it a try next time around.

      Thanks for the easy recipe!!!

  57. Without a doubt, our favourite low carb bread. This recipe is so reliable!

  58. I’m new to LCHF (about a month) and while I miss pasta, potatos, rice etc. the lack of bread was what made me question whether I could stay with it. This is the first bread so far that I will make again. It’s not a good twice baked rye, but these buns really do help with that bread jones. By the way I had to let the dough rest 10 minutes before I could form the rolls and they don’t taste “eggy” at all. I’m thinking of making the next batch with caraway seeds and maybe a bit of onion powder, dividing the dough into 6 parts and baking them in a muffin top pan (as a sandwich bun). Any suggestions on cooking time ?

  59. These are perfect for the low carber’s need for a bread fix. Thank you for your wonderful recipe. I made these, cut one in 1/2 and made a toasted bacon and egg sandwich, with butter and mayo. YUM! and i’m still losing weight. The batter was perfect using your directions and in my next batch
    I plan to add Chia seeds for an additional nutritional crunch. Thank you again for bringing gooood taste to low carb.

  60. Bernadette Chambers

    Just took these out of the oven to have with supper. Wonderful rolls. LOVE them. This is the first success I’ve had with low carb, gluten free bread. Delicious. Yippeee!!! One question – any problems with doubling or even tripling the recipe? I’d like to make a large batch and freeze them.

  61. Thankyou so much I love this recipe I used yoghurt instead of sour cream
    I know its a bit sticky but put a bit of oil on your hands add a little more almond flour and Bobs your uncle love itxx

  62. Made these today. Closest thing to grain bread I’ve come across yet. I didn’t stick to the recipe entirely as I didn’t have sunflower seeds & don’t think I quite had 1/2 cup of sour cream. Used 1 tbsp of coconut flour & some ground golden flaxseed as well as the tbsp of whole flaxseed in place of the sunflower seeds. Made two in a couple of small springform tins and they cooked beautifully. Taste was lovely. They were quite dense and filling. One half with some salad on it filled me up. Will make according to the recipe next time just to compare. Thank you so much for the recipe. Will definitely be my go to bread recipe.

  63. These are wonderful. I used egg white from a carton and Frontier husk powder. No purple, no eggy. I would love to know how to expand this dough recipe for a standard loaf pan. Please master that one for us. And thank you so much for this recipe. It is wonderful…. oh, I just said that!

    • Hi Terri,
      I doubled the recipe and modified slightly as per below. Cook for 50 minutes in a loaf pan. Silicone pans don’t seem to work as well, so try a metal one. Alternatively, I make into small ‘buns’ and freeze. I make 10 buns out of the below recipe as they are so filling I prefer them smaller. For buns, only cook for 25 minutes as per the original recipe.

      1.5 cup almond meal
      2 Tbsp Golden Flax Meal (instead of whole flax seeds)
      2 Tbsp sunflower seeds (shelled)
      5 Tbsp psyllium husk powder
      3 tsp baking powder
      1 tsp salt
      4 Tbsp Coconut Oil (or olive oil, but I prefer coconut)
      4 eggs
      1 cup sour cream

  64. Thank you for your recipe, it’s absolutely delicious!

    Psyllium husk gives me serious bloating so I tweaked the recipe a bit as I do not have flaxseeds and sunflower seeds.

    – I used chia seeds instead of flax seeds.
    – Replaced sunflower seeds with chia seeds.
    – Used 3 tablespoons NOW apple fiber with pectin instead of 2 Tablespoons psyllium husk powder in your recipe.
    – Used avocado oil instead of OO
    – Used greek yoghurt instead of sour cream. Added 1/2t baking soda to reduce acidity.

    Like a few others, I did find my dough very sticky, but it doesn’t really matter if it comes out right after we bake them right? haha.

  65. I made these and I love them. They were not sticky at all, of course I decided to preheat my oven after I mixed them, giving them plenty of time to absorb the liquids. They work great for hamburgers and I even made you into a hotdog shape for a bratwurst. Relish!!!!

  66. You can use the wayback machine to access the whole defunct site. Minus images. It’s backed up.

  67. My husband and I have just started keto, not for the weight loss but for other health benefits (although a little off the hips and thighs would be a perk lol) and through my research for keto food I came across this recipe. I had to wait a couple days to try it as I needed to order the husks and almond flour off amazon but they both arrived today and I immediately got to work.
    It was amazing!
    The “dough” was not too sticky but firm and easy to mold into balls (can not for the life of me see how others had trouble?) I wet my palms with a little olive oil while moulding and placed them on baking paper. It made 4 perfect sized buns with a nice satisfying, dark crust and a light, fluffy, slightly moist inside. There was no discernible eggy flavour to me at all and I am very sensitive to that, although hubby said maybe he could tell egg was used. Perhaps different people notice different flavours when it comes to egg? Anyway, we ate them fresh out of the over with cream cheese and it was just so good, really, after a week of keto, it was heavenly. Im really excited to use these as burger buns, I may cut them in half and place them back in the oven to crisp them ever so slightly.

    Thank you, thank you for this great recipe! Would you be able to include nutrition stats too?

    form Germany

  68. I’ve made these twice now, and they are very good (and that’s coming from a devoted bread lover). I used zero fat Greek yogurt both times. The second time, I used a little more salt (I felt they were a little bland) and omitted the sunflower seeds. Instead, since I use these mainly as sandwich buns, I sprinkled some sesame seeds on the top before baking. I put them in 4-inch round cake pans, so they look just like hamburger buns!

  69. YUMMY! I made these for my birthday to take to a restaurant to soak up all the lovely juices of my meal!

  70. Finally. A wonderful tasting bun. I love it. Thank you so much.

  71. Jeannette Connally

    8-29-17 Have been trying several different recipes all week in search of a reasonable bun substitute & this is a winner! Minor adjustment I used 1/3 C sour cream and added 2 tsp of Erythritol. Had purple bread experience with other recipes so bought fresh can of psyllum husk flakes not powder this time. Let sit for 10 minutes and just spooned into 4 sections of my cake pan. Let bake full 25 minutes. Cool for 30 more and was just like having a piece of multigrain bread. The P-husk fiber did drop heavy in the stomach towards the end of eating my burger but I’ll probably just eat 1/2 slice, open face sandwiches like I use to do with regular white bread. Thanks

  72. These came out very good. They held their shape, rose up and were very easy to make. I admit I’m a bread snob so they were not perfect but for me the perfect bread is basically not possible without a carb heavy flour. I replaced 2 tablespoons of the almond flour with oat fiber and added a packet of yeast for flavor along with some pumpkin seeds. The rolls came out the correct color. I used Frontier pysllium and my baking powder has aluminum (it’s all can get nearby). No eggy taste and I didn’t stress about the measurements. No weighing ingredients and I actually forgot they were in the oven and took them out about 10 minutes after I was supposed to and they didn’t suffer for it.

  73. Finally got these made today. I had to cook a bit longer to get them to not be mushy in the middle. They are a fantastic! Here is the nutition info, per bun, according to MyFitnessPal: calories 368, carbs 11, fat 33, protein 9, fiber 7, sugar 2, sodium 450, cholesterol 118.

  74. Joseph Flannigan

    Well!!! I am so impressed with this recipe! I have no problem with gluten, love the stuff actually, and have tried dozens of different recipes for low-carb breads, etc. All of which were various degrees of awful. I followed the recipe exactly (as everyone should do when making an unfamiliar recipe, revise later if you wish). I decided to use my “muffin top” pan, which made six. I used a wet spoon and wet fingers to mound and shape the dough in the pan. Baked for 20 minutes. Removed, racked and let them cool for a half hour. WONDERFUL!!! I am so grateful for finding this recipe. At 4 net carbs for 6 smallish rolls I can have these just about anytime I want one. Great with soups, salads, and just about anything one uses bread for.

  75. I made this again tonight with a few tweaks just to change it up a bit. I used ½ c almond flour and ¼ cup oat fiber instead of the straight ¾ cup of almond flour. I ground the golden flax seeds into meal instead of leaving the flax seeds whole. I used hemp seeds instead of sunflower seeds (gives the dough a little texture without having whole seeds in the bread). I added a tsp of apple cider vinegar for added tartness to give it a slightly more sourdough-like hint. And I added a tbsp of onion flakes and a tsp of onion powder to the dry mix and sprinkled sesame seeds on top of the buns once they were in the pan.

    I baked the bread in four muffin top pans and once cooled, I sliced each bun into three horizontal slices. The outer slices I use for hamburger/bbq/slider buns and the inner slices I use for sandwich bread. The result was a smoother bread, fragrant with onion and the subtle flavor of hemp seeds. I think the addition of the oat fiber helped to make it even more bread-like.

    I love this recipe and have liked it every way I’ve made it, so feel free to play around with it a bit!

  76. These were really good. My daughter is diabetic and I am currently on a low carb diet so these fills the void from not eating bread.
    I did compare this to recipes from Sweden so I used the ingredients from this site but followed their method.

    I beat the eggs until very fluffy then beat in the sour cream and oil. Folded in all other ingredients.
    Let the dough sit for 5 min. Used wet hands to form the dough. Not at all difficult.
    Thanks for a great recipe. Might try to bake them in the microwave next time.

    P.S. In Sweden they have a product called Pofiber (Gluten free-made from Potato) which we, unfortunately, cannot find in North America.

  77. Can this recipe be used to make into a loaf? Maybe double the recipe? I think this may get my husband to give up his multigrain sourdough store-bought bread if I can make it in a loaf pan or even a large round loaf. Has anyone tried this?

  78. This is the real deal! I made it with sunflower seeds the first time (had no flax seeds), but read some comments and subbed 2 tbs of hemp hearts and my usual greek yogurt instead of sour cream. The BEST low carb bread ever, not just the taste, but because it’s so much easier to make than other recipes. Thanks!

  79. Been doing keto for about 1/2 a year and have been making other low carb bread/buns every week or every other week. Just came across this recipe – made it with a few tiny tweaks – seperated the eggs and shipped the egg whites adding a little tartar powder to them – mixed in part sour cream and part Icelandic yorgurt to recipe. And added a little extra psyllium husk powder once it was all mixed as it seemed very wet. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Best lchf buns Ever!!!!! My partner couldn’t stop smiling as he was eating his for brunch!

  80. Please correct my spelling mistake. Lol

  81. What oven temperature did you use? Thank you

  82. I just made a batch of these and they look and smell sensational. I had no trouble with sticky dough following your instructions exactly. I wonder if those having trouble are using Psyllium husks rather than Psyllium husk powder? Using the coarser husks would mean you add less bulk and might explain the wetter dough.

  83. I made these last night and my hubby & I loved them. Like everyone else I tweaked the recipe a bit (using the comments above) and they turned out FAB. I used flax see meal (in place of the seeds) and added rough chopped pumpkin seeds along with the sunflower seeds. I did use psyllium husk powder and they were gorgeous and so yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

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