Favorite Low Carb Pizza

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spinach pizzaI am VERY hard to impress with anything called “pizza”.  If there’s anything in this world I could be considered a snob about, it is my pizza. Sure, a frozen cardboard like object with cheese on it coming out of the freezer was on my plate plenty of times, much to my dismay, but I didn’t get all *YAY* PIZZA like I would from a great slice.

One day, while looking for a good low carb pizza recipe, I put in pizza on Your Lighter Side’s web page, and of course, Jamie’s amazing cauliflower recipe came up, but then there was this other one.  A pizza made with a spinach crust!  Of course it got my attention right away, since it is way lower in carbs, and it’s so simple!  I just had to try it.  Out came the trusty food processor, and within minutes, my crust was going in the oven.  I was skeptical, okay, kind of afraid of what it would come out like.  Sometimes taking a chance on a recipe can be so exciting!

Boy am I glad I took a chance on this one!  In just a few easy steps, and a few minutes in the oven, I had pizza that was absolutely delightful!  I couldn’t believe how little attention this pizza has received!  The best tip I can give you for this recipe is to make it a little smaller in diameter for hand-holdable slices.  I push it out to about a ten inch crust.  Since it’s so crazy easy to make these, I always make a bunch at a time, and freeze them so that when the pizza monster comes for a visit, and I’m all out of spinach, I have them ready and at my fingertips!  I just bake them for a few minutes from frozen until it’s warmed through and kind of melty, then put my toppings on just like I had made it right then and there.

Everyone I’ve shared this recipe with, and slices of the actual pizza, has loved it!  Visit Your Lighter Side – Spinach Crust Pizza for the full recipe.  Enjoy!


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